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Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia

Are you the proud owner of a product from Damian Smith Art studio? I love to see where my art work ends up and love to see your in home pics of the art work pop up on socials, please remember to tag me so I get to see them too.

Thanks for submitting!

Thanks for stopping by and sending a message. I do my best to respond to all emails as promptly as possible, however in the meantime you may find some useful information in the FAQ section.

If you are sending me a message to ask about a commission enquiry, please note that the 'Open for commissions' status is normally promoted via my monthly email and social media accounts. Though if it is a particularly interesting idea than I might make some room to accommodate. 

And lastly, thanks for supporting my art practice, it certainly means a lot to receive messages, comments and that people want to collect my art work. Apart from these things, the other great way to show your support is to share my work and my details with your friends and family who might also enjoy my creations. Thank You!

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